Game Day Grilling Prep Tips

Plan ahead: have your menu planned several days in advance.  Food that you can eat with your hands are always a good idea.  If you are hosting a crowd,  consider foods that allow you to grill in waves – keep food moving off the grill and into waiting hands. Feed your guests in waves: a platter […]

Mediterranean Thin Crust Pizza Recipe

Mediterranean Thin Crust Pizza 1 pizza crust (thin homemade or thin premade – see recipe below) 1 boneless chicken breast (pre grilled) 200g feta cheese Kalamata olives – remove pits Sun dried tomato Red onion Fresh basil Balsamic Vinaigrette 3 tablespoons Olive Oil 3 tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar Crushed chopped garlic to taste Combine ingredients in […]

Make no Misteak!

If you’ve been in the supermarket or butcher shop before you’ve probably seen or heard some, or all, of the types of steak listed below. However, you might not know what any of the terms actually mean. We’re here to help you differentiate the most popular cuts of beef, from the T-Bone to the Sirloin. A. Strip Loin: Cut from […]

The Centennial Summer Grill Event Recap

A huge thank you to everyone that came out and supported us at our Centennial Summer Grill Event! The event went extremely well, with our sausage burger, chips and drink fundraiser collecting $1060 for the Dementiability program at Salem Home! Don Dueck took home a brand new Broil King 320 as our prize winner and […]

A Guide to Grilling with Wood & Smoke

Slow smoked chicken, ribs, and brisket are staples of traditional American barbecue.  The deep smoky flavours and fall-off-the-bone tenderness is a hallmark of the low-and-slow (low temperature, cooked over a long time) cooking technique.  Originally, open pit fires were used for the slow cooking process.  Luckily, now with a smoker box, wood chips and a […]

Oil Filter Review

Watch this review on 5 different types of filters from DoRite Fabrication.