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Game Day Grilling Prep Tips

Plan ahead: have your menu planned several days in advance.  Food that you can eat with your hands are always a good idea.  If you are hosting a crowd,  consider foods that allow you to grill in waves – keep food moving off the grill and into waiting hands.

Feed your guests in waves: a platter of quality charcuterie and fine cheese with baguette slices or crackers is an easy and popular way to start the evening, then move on to more composed appetizers and work your way into the meal from there.  This buys time for any unexpected changes in timing on your main entrees and side dishes.

Have your barbecue ready to roll: make sure you have adequate fuel, and that the grill is thoroughly cleaned.

Be prepared: have extra tongs, turners, and spoons at the ready for both preparation and serving of your meal.

Have more than you need: an untimely spill or an unexpected guest can throw your entire plan off-kilter – unless you have extra ingredients hand – plan accordingly.

Prepare the day before and morning of: organize your menu so you can prepare parts of each dish ahead of time – marinating meats, shape burgers, skewer kebabs and prep appetizer.  Chop and slice toppings and organize your condiments.